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The GVÖ team in Hamburg

The GVÖ team in Hamburg. You can reach us by phone: +49 40 280859-0

Dirk Kopplow



Arne Eilbrecht



Phone: +49 40 280859-50


Manuela Koch

Logistics processing


Phone: +49 40 280859-40


Benjamin Fiekens

Field service


Phone: +49 40 280859-55


Marion Lüth

Assistant to the management


Phone: +49 40 280859-60

Frequently asked questions

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  1. Where can I return empty oil packaging?

    The following applies to consumers:
    Return the empty packaging undamaged and sealed to the place where you bought them. Don’t throw oil packaging into the yellow bag, the yellow bin or the household waste after use! This is because the remaining oil in the packaging pollutes the environment if disposed of improperly. The sales outlets of products of the GVÖ licence partners take back the empty packaging free of charge and pass them on to the GVÖ. GVÖ then ensures environmentally sound recovery in certified specialised companies. In this way, the oil containers are added back to the recovered substance cycle.

  2. How do I become a collection point?

    The GVÖ take-back system can be used by all companies that trade in products from GVÖ licence partners. More than 200 licence partners (overview) already participate in the GVÖ take-back system.

    You can easily register online. Link to information, registration and partner list: https://gvoe.davidportal.de/Seiten/DavidPortal/SelfRegistration.aspx

  3. We sell products from companies that are not yet GVÖ licence partners. What can I do to become a collection point?

    Convince your suppliers to become partners of the GVÖ take-back system. Then you can register as a collection point.
    More than 200 licence partners are already participating in the GVÖ take-back system.
    Link: https://www.gvoe.de/en/licence-partners/our-licence-partners

  4. How can I register my oil packaging for collection as a collection point?

    The easiest way is to order the collection via our online portal. Link to the form: https://gvoe.davidportal.de/Seiten/DavidPortal/SelfRegistration.aspx
    Or call us at +49 40 280859-0.

    The collection will take place smoothly within 10 working days.

  5. How do I become a licence partner?

    To clarify the details of a licensing partnership, please contact us.
    Link to the contact form:


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